Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to ENABLE Works new website.

I’m delighted to be able to launch this new platform which shares the breadth of ENABLE Works activity across Scotland and makes it easier to get support from the team – now more than ever.

In the wake of COVID-19, employment levels in Scotland have reversed quickly from an all-time high to an all-time low – with young people, and in particular disabled young people, the hardest hit. In 2009’s recession, unemployment for disabled young people rose 50% faster than average and predictions now look the same or worse.

That’s why the support of ENABLE Works is so critical at the moment and I’m pleased that ENABLE Works new website will now allow us to better link people and employers who need support directly with our team all across Scotland.

Disabled people, amongst all Scotland’s disadvantaged groups, are more at risk during this period for a few reasons.

Firstly, transition from school and college has been disrupted. The majority of young disabled people leaving education without appropriate levels of guidance has been significant and the Scottish Transitions Forum estimate 89% of leavers had no formal plan for transition.

As well, the competition for jobs has doubled and even trebled overnight. Disabled people, who are already disadvantaged in recruitment processes, now face even steeper competition against more experienced candidates. We’ve been supporting a number of people who have been told suddenly that now they’re not needed – or found that the interview they had via Zoom just didn’t enable them to demonstrate their true qualities to a prospective employer.

Lastly, those disabled people who do have a job will find their roles change dramatically over the coming months as businesses reshape their work. Perhaps their responsibilities will increase to a point they don’t feel comfortable with? Their well established, in work support structures might change? Maybe even their working patterns or office will alter? These are all things which we know can have a dramatic impact on disabled people’s confidence and contribution in the workplace if not managed well – and the likelihood is that many people will struggle and risk losing their job as a result.

These are our challenges and, across ENABLE Works we’re doing everything we can to not only support individuals and employers, but also ensure that the Scottish and UK Government response includes support for the people we support.

I hope you find the new site easy to access and it allows you to find the information and support you needed easily – and look forward to hearing from you.