Through our Corporate Partnership offer, the ENABLE Works Diversity and Inclusion team are supporting businesses to recognise the clear benefits of diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

ENABLE Works Corporate Partnership will provide businesses and their leaders with specialist support to identify their goals in terms of inclusion and offer recommendations, specific to their organisation, along with training and consultancy support to achieve a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

A diverse workforce is good for business with many companies losing out as they are unable to engage large parts of society either as a customer or an employee. It is estimated UK businesses lose £2billion a year by not being accessible to disabled customers or meeting their needs.

With more than one million disabled people in Scotland, of which 16% are of working age, we hope to encourage like-minded organisations to make inclusion a priority for their business, increase the number of disabled people in their workplace, and ultimately support a more inclusive society.

Already, ENABLE Works supports more than 2,000 of Scotland’s employers across a variety of sectors including companies like Balfour Beatty, Diageo, ScottishPower, Strathclyde University Business School and STV.

Employer ScottishPower believes working with ENABLE Works has helped them to innovate as a business by attracting new talent.

Inclusion and diversity fosters innovation and creativity and brings us closer to the communities we serve. At ScottishPower, we want to attract diverse talent whilst developing a workplace that is supportive and open to everyone.

Mairi Elder, Social Projects and Sector Education Manager

Another supporter of ENABLE Works is STV. The organisation has provided placement opportunities to enable young disabled people to gain work experience in the media industry as well as building a more positive and inclusive cultural within the organisation.

At STV, we’re focused on creating an inclusive culture where colleagues can thrive in their working environment to perform at their best. We’re so pleased to continue our close relationship with ENABLE Works going forward. Our experience of providing placement opportunities and enabling young disabled people with a route into employment is hugely valuable not only to those taking part but to all of us at STV.

Suzanne Burns, HR & Communications Director

Joining us as a Corporate Partner, you will become part of a network of vibrant and influential organisations motivated to achieve a fully inclusive society.

Get in touch with Federico Marchiolli, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, to discuss how ENABLE Works can support your business to become more diverse and inclusive.

07889 456 216

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