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Each year, we work with over 2000 employers from across the length and breadth of Scotland, from all sectors and of all sizes.

Our unique way of working - matching the individual and the business - is designed to help you meet your needs, unleashing the potential of your business and your teams.

We don't just support recruitment though - we support employers overcome issues, we help teams design accessible ways of working and we train staff in inclusive practices.


ENABLE Works will respect your business. We’ll take the time to understand what you do and what you need.

We won’t force hundreds of people upon you who aren’t committed to your company and don’t want to be there. We’ll give you one person – the right person.

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ENABLE Works will work with integrity and we will do what we say we’ll do. We’ll be there before the day starts, when the work’s happening and long after everyone’s gone home to make sure our impact upon your business is a positive one.


ENABLE Works passion is for equality and we want to share that with you. Our teams work in your town, in your schools and colleges and with your customers. We can help your business better reflect it’s community and all the great people who live in it.

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ENABLE Works is ambitious and we know you are too. We can support your employees to develop new skills in communication, leadership, teamwork, recruitment and training. We deliver training to your teams that will benefit them and your business.

Our Offer

If you’re an employer looking for some support, we will get to understand your business’ specific needs and work with you to design a unique solution that unleashes the potential of your business and team.

As a member of ENABLE Works, you will have access to a team of specialists who can support your business to become truly reflective of the communities you serve.

Work with you

We will work with you to complete a series of assessments to show you what you are doing well and allow us to make recommendations for areas of improvement.

Bespoke training

Once we have identified areas where we can help, we'll deliver bespoke training for your teams to help you get where you want to be.

Free access

You will also have free access to our regular events and annual conference where we will shout about the great work you are doing and support your organisation through press releases and coverage via our social media channels.


“Working with ENABLE Works has been a really positive experience, the Employment Coordinator was excellent in communicating between us and our employee and helping us to adapt to ensure he felt as comfortable as he could. Overall we are really happy and would recommend working with ENABLE Works to create roles in the work place.”

Natasha Hamilton, Retail Manager, Dynamic Earth
"The team at ENABLE Works created a bespoke package of training and consultancy to help our organisation develop practical solutions that has enabled us to become disability confident, which has in turn has helped us recruit a more diverse workforce. As Scotland's longest established training provider to the automotive industry, it has been highly rewarding to host workplace tours for ENABLE Works clients to gain an insight to the opportunities available. We look forward to continuing this great partnership."

Billy White, Training Operations Manager, BOSCH
"We have been working in partnership with ENABLE Works for over a year. Following our succesful Inclusive Employer Award, ENABLE Works have supported us in our diversity and inclusion activities including receiving Disability Awareness Training, campaign materials and supported research into specific D&I areas, We look forward to continuining our relationship in the years to come."

Jackie Archer, Head of HR, Balfour Beatty
"ENABLE Works delivered an excellent session on Disability Awareness to our staff and Placement Managers prior to the Breaking Barriers students starting with us. The session was interactive and gave in-depth insights into relevant topics. The trainer provided several workplace examples as well as behavioural and language techniques. The training was received positively, leaving our staff feeling equipped and informed."

Marise Nelson, Social Projects & Sector Education Consultant. Scottish Power
“Welcoming a new colleague with disabilities presents significant adjustment, for the person, for our organisation and for myself as a manager. The support from ENABLE Works has been especially helpful to me in recognising many of the subtler adjustments beyond the more obvious desk and work-space modifications. The awareness training session organised by ENABLE Works was useful to all our team, in particular regarding language and the words and phrases we use when talking about challenges. Our colleague’s Employment Coordinator also played a key role in facilitating our conversations around the adjustments required to enable my colleague to act as a valued member of the team.”

Senior Government Representative

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