Our services

ENABLE Works delivers a range of different services across Scotland, detailed here. We support people in transition from education, deliver skills programmes, supported employment and Individual Placement and Support (IPS), as well as a number of other programmes focussed on improving workplace diversity.

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All ENABLE Works services have one thing in common – you.
Our Employment Coordinators will get to know you, drawing up a profile of your skills, ambitions and things to work on so we can help you make progress.

Before you start

We will support you to understand the support we offer. We will listen to you, helping you achieve what you want to.

Not all ENABLE Works services are about finding a job immediately. Lots of them are about building up your skills and confidence so you have more opportunities and a better chance at securing a job when it’s right for you.

Matching you

If you do want to find a paid job, we will match you with an employer that suits your ambitions and that sees your potential for their business. We’ll put a plan in place and support to make sure the job works out.

Keep in touch

We’ll keep in touch with you and be there if anything changes and you need a bit more support in the job.

When the support has finished, we’ll ask for your feedback. If you haven’t got a job, we’ll help you decide on your next steps.

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All in Edinburgh

We profile people’s skills and abilities and support them into work, with a focus on job coaching and building workplace support strategies to make the

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Stepping up

In S5, we focus on improving understanding of the different types of work with real experiences in lots of difference workplaces and building new skills.

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All in Dundee

ENABLE Works lead a consortium with Barnardos, Project Scotland, Access to Industry, DEAP, One Parent Families and Enterprise Mentoring that delivers a range of support

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Breaking barriers

Only 4% of school leavers who have a learning disability go into higher education in Scotland, compared with 46% of all school leavers. At ENABLE

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Employability Fund

In Stage 2 support, we work in groups and individually to discuss the world of work, deliver a community impact project locally and develop skills

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Fair Start Scotland

ENABLE Works deliver support in 3 regions of Scotland, Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire in partnership with Start Scotland, North and South Lanarkshire in partnership with Remploy and Renfrewshire,

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All in Highlands

Delivering the supported employment model to fidelity standard, we profile people’s skills and abilities and support them into work, with a focus on job coaching

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First Steps

Employment Coordinators deliver intensive 1:1 support, working closely with community partners to help overcome issues together and find a path through to the next stage

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Overseen by an Autism Advisory group made up of people with autism, we deliver an assessment of recruitment practices and a workplace audit to better

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Inverclyde Employer Support

In partnership with the local employability network providers, we partner with local business to develop their approaches to diversity and support them to recruit, offering

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Building Brighter Futures

ENABLE Works are delivering a workforce campaign and comprehensive training that directly addresses the lack of knowledge and understanding surrounding diversity and inclusion issues within

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Co-operative (ad)Venture

Young people take part in groups, and establish their own “co-operative” to take action to tackle any problems they collectively identify in their local community.

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Parental Aspirations

We will be publishing our findings, in partnership with Scottish Government, in late 2020. As part of the research, we are working with a steering

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ENABLE Me Mobile App

Each feature was developed in consultation with people who have learning disabilities and the app includes a host of accessibility features including Easy Read and

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Digital Diversity Dundee

We support young people with additional support needs to take part in digital industry taster sessions and undertake a National Progression award in Digital Literacy

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Inverclyde Open

Based in Greenock, we deliver the supported employment model to fidelity standard, we profile people’s skills and abilities and support them into work, with a

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