Stepping up

Stepping Up is our award-winning service that supports young people with additional support needs aged 14 to 19 to make a succesful transition from school.​

Starting in S4 and based within a school community, we work with groups of young people to support their ambition and expectations for their life after school.

In S5, we focus on improving understanding of the different types of work with real experiences in lots of difference workplaces and building new skills.

In S6, we prepare for transition from school and work with individuals to plan their path after school. It might be training, a Modern Apprenticeship or it might be a job.

Stepping Up was developed in 2009, funded by Inspiring Scotland, and since then we have grown the service with the support of lots of other local authority partners.

We have supported over 2000 young people since then – with 98% of them moving into a meaningful positive destination after school, significantly higher than the statistics for leavers with ASN across the whole of Scotland.

More than 25% of young people on Stepping Up make a transition straight into employment from school.

If you’d like to find out more about Stepping Up or find out if you can get it in your school, contact us.

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We work to the principles of supported employment – taking a personalised approach that delivers the right job for the right person. Our teams will get to know you and together you will create a support plan that will help find and keep a new job. (content to be replaced)