Meet the Team: Dylan

Hi, I’m Dylan and I started working with ENABLE Works just over 3 years ago.

During my time with the department I have taken responsibility for an eclectic mix of different tasks and duties including taking charge of performance reporting for 2 and a half years until our new DISCO client performance system was rolled out in April 2019, and I currently track performance in each of the 5 ENABLE Works regional teams.


1. The first perk of my job is that I regularly can speak to people that either have similar difficulties to me or more complex needs than I have that come on to one of our programmes, to further understand issues they have had in the past and will potentially will overcome in the work place in the future

2. Another perk of my job is that I can sink my teeth into, possibly my favourite thing in the world, numbers and statistics via our new client recording database interface DISCO! I record and monitor information for team managers so thar the ENABLE Works Employment Coordinators can fix it within a specific allotted time frame given

3. I often get to audit Employment Coordinators work on programmes we operate, for example when I worked on the Employability Fund I would check that the client paperwork has been filled out to proper compliancy standards given to us by our management structure and our partner organization for the Employability Fund project, Skills Development Scotland, or the particular Local Authority the person lives in.

I also took part in our Enhanced Modern Apprenticeship programme for a Modern Apprenticeship in Administration from October 2018 to October 2019 with the training firm Muir Slicer.

I managed to pass it although it took a lot longer than what I expected, and I got some support from the ENABLE Works team and the Director of Muir Slicer herself.

I also took home the trophy as Young Employee Of The Year of 2019 at the staff awards for the whole organization but I hope to complete the set by hopefully winning ENABLE Works Administrator Of The Year prize which I have coveted throughout my time with the company and still have yet to win it!

For now and in the future I hope to establish a firm link between every stage of the Schools-ENABLE Works-Skills Development Scotland-Local Authority-Job Centre Plus pipeline and all its stages internally and externally, whether it be call handling, dealing with email from local authorities or supporting partnerships up the chain.

In conclusion, I have enjoyed my tenure and I hope long may it continue for around 5 years more and possibly even more beyond that which I hope will come to pass.

Good Luck to anyone looking for jobs in the next few months and years to come.

Just remember don’t give up hope yet and stay safe!