Kickstart Scheme

Kickstart your business with ENABLE Works

The government recently launched its £2bn Kickstart Scheme, a new wage incentive for businesses to recruit young people across Scotland and the rest of the UK and kickstart their business. 

As one of Scotland’s leading employment support providers with national coverage, ENABLE Works are delighted to be an intermediary for the Kickstart Scheme, supporting businesses who want to get involved to access the funding as well as additional support to recruit, train and employ young people.

We’re reaching out to our local communities to get involved and help support young people into employment across Scotland.

What is the Kickstart Scheme?

The aim of the scheme is to create high-quality jobs – or work experience – for those young people aged between 16-24, who are unemployed and on Universal Credit.  So, this will encompass the school leavers and recent graduates who in light of the recession are struggling to gain employment in the current climate.

What does the Scheme Cover?

There has been £20 billion invested in this scheme and that will cover the participants of the scheme’s expenses for six months.  The placements should be:

  • for a minimum of 25 hours work per week
  • paid at the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for their age

Employers can top up the NMW if they so wish, however the government will only cover 100% of relevant NMW for 25 hrs, as well as Employer National Insurance Contributions and employer minimum pension contributions.

How many people can I employ?

This scheme is for an uncapped number of people and will run from August 2020 until December 2021.  If you would like to participate the Kickstart participants must be provided with training and support towards finding a permanent job – this does not mean that after the 6 months the employer must employ them. What it does mean is that the work experience that they receive must be meaningful and will help them get a job in the future.

If I have made someone redundant can I replace them with a Kickstart employee?

The simple answer is no. The employer will need to prove that the Kickstart jobs are new and not just replacements for existing jobs.  Nor can you replace existing or planned vacancies with a Kickstart placement or reduce an existing employee or contractors’ hours to accommodate a placement.

What do I need to consider as an Employer if I want to participate in this scheme?

The chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), Mike Cherry, said recently: “The Kickstart scheme aims to help young people into work but many small businesses will be disappointed to see today’s announcement which feels more aligned to the needs of larger businesses.”

This is where ENABLE Works can help, as this scheme can be particularly good for small businesses who are looking to grow but you will need an intermediary to represent you collectively to reach the goal of 30 vacancies to qualify. 

How can ENABLE Works help?

Through working partnership, with ENABLE Works we will provide you with wraparound support and reduce the administrative requirements of the scheme. 

We’re experienced at partnering with all sorts of businesses, having recently supported over 800 employers to access a similar wage incentive programme and recruit young talented people into their team. 

We can make make the process simple and offer a lot more, from individual support to the person and training to the wider team through to corporate partnership and the development of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We are here, to support you, through the process, with our dedicated team of Employment Coordinators who will help source, shortlist, and provide ongoing mentoring support on the job, for your new employee.

By working with ENABLE Works you will not only be supporting our young people to develop their skills, knowledge and help shape our workforce for the future, but using a charity as your provider, being socially responsible can help you bolster your company’s image and build on your brand. 

To speak to our team directly, or to register your vacancy with us please call 0300 330 92 92 or email